Successful Transportation Projects

At SCECOShipping, we take great pride in our successful transportation projects. We have safely and securely transported a wide range of valuable assets, including furniture, art, antiques, automotive parts, safes, and light freight shipments. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection of these valuable items throughout the entire transportation process.

Types of Valuable Assets Transported

Our portfolio showcases the diverse range of valuable assets that we have successfully transported. From delicate art pieces to sturdy safes, we have the expertise and equipment to handle various types of valuable items with the utmost care and security. Whether it's furniture, antiques, automotive parts, or other valuable assets, SCECOShipping is your trusted partner for secure transport solutions.

Custom Crating Solutions

At SCECOShipping, we offer custom crating solutions to ensure the security and protection of transported items. Our professional team designs and constructs custom crates tailored to the specific dimensions and requirements of each valuable asset, providing an extra layer of security during transportation.

Asset-Based Carrier Services

As an asset-based carrier, our fleet provides non-descript vehicles for anonymity and privacy. SCECOShipping is a family-owned and operated business with a dedicated commitment to successful operations and the integrity of your valuable assets.

Transportation Solutions and Services

Experience Our Secure Transportation Services

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